Business card site, one-page business card site, landing pages, use of a one-page site to offer goods and services.

Consider a one-page version of a business card site when the site consists of all of one page and is not a landing page. This is the simplest version of a business card site, information on which you can place an extremely limited amount. Regarding search engines, such a site will not take decent indicators, since it is extremely difficult to promote on thematic requests.

Such a site is suitable for the sale of one product, for example, many have seen, I think when you receive offers to buy a bracelet or watch in a single version, a steel chain, etc., by mail. One photo, phone, short description and nothing more.

Also, a one-page business card website is also suitable for presenting services with a minimal description. A public figure or public person can use such sites to post photos and describe biographical information. In some cases, there is no need to promote such a site; in another case, you can use contextual advertising or a commercial offer of goods or services by mail.