Creation of multi-page business card sites. One-page business card sites and landing pages. Business card sites for various services.

Some perceive ordinary business card sites as a complex site and expensive. Many people see in front of them a business card site consisting of 5 pages, for example, and perceive it as a complex site with wide functionality, the same can be said about landing pages.


A multi-page business card site is suitable for services of various kinds, services of a lawyer or attorney, for example, where in addition to the title page you need to have an idea about the specialist to the person concerned, therefore a separate page is highlighted about the specialists and their professional skills, work experience and biography. A separate page with price criteria for the services of lawyers, a separate page for contacts, a separate page for each service, for example. The same is true in the services of creating sites, listing the types of sites being made, examples of work, etc.


For any service sector, as a rule, a business card site or landing page is used, divided into a separate number of sections. Whether it’s two, three, seven pages, this will be a business card site. Such sites are extremely easy to use, maintain and minimally costly.