Creation of sites by freelancers, the creation of sites in web studios professionally. Prices for creating sites self-taught and professionals. Cheap and high quality.

Who is better to contact to create sites, in a professional web studio or to web designers working from home who themselves have learned how to create sites? Naturally, it’s cheaper to turn to freelancers. They can create a good site for you, but it can become difficult to maintain it later. For example, a web master site has been created for you, whether it be a business card site, landing pages, an online store, it will need additional maintenance. For example, change the text, insert a picture, renew the domain, replenish with new goods. Freelancers can combine this work with another and therefore do not get in touch for a very long time, namely, when you may need additional services.

On the other hand, professional web studios have their own operators for ongoing customer support, a whole staff of employees who can provide you with additional services at any time. But the price of creating sites will most likely be Higher and much more. As for the quality of the created site, it can be created competently and at home, especially if you order from a master who previously worked in a large company.