Creation of sites, prices for the creation of sites, the choice of webmasters, value for money and complexity of work.

Consider the nuances of creating sites of varying complexity and focus. Most likely, many do not know about how much the price of creating a site can vary. The cost of sites may vary from a minimum of 2000-3000 rubles to 100,000 rubles or more. But this does not always affect the quality and level of the final result. One way or another, sites are created on designers or control systems on the hosting hosting the domain. Work that does not actually require effort can be described as something extremely complex and time consuming. Such exaggerations may affect the cost of the work.


At the same time, the cost may be affected by the promotion of the company offering the services. Of course, a freelance designer will ask for much less money than a web studio. Of course, many people use this for profit, and customers unknowingly pay much more. Therefore, before deciding on the choice of a specialist in creating sites, find out all the nuances of its creation, namely: which hosting is supposed to be created, on which designer or control system, how long does the creation take, is there internal optimization, and so on, if Of course you are not a fan of overpaying money and show off the cost.