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Earlier, I considered the details of creating business card sites, landing pages and online stores. But there are options for sites with more complex functionality that can bring more profit in the process. These are message boards and dating sites. These sites are difficult to create, but paid services will allow the user to earn a lot of money on it in the process. To begin, consider the process of creating a start-up user database, it can be obtained by becoming a partner of a site that has existed for a rather long time. User profiles and ads added to their resource will also be displayed with you.

Paid services for raising ads on bulletin boards, assigning vip status to ads and others will become a source of income from this site. On dating sites, such services may include sending messages, raising profiles in the search, and the ability to view suitable profiles. The cost of these services can be completely different. In the process of increasing popularity, it will be possible to increase the cost of services. For some, this may seem too complicated and costly, but keep in mind that over time, such sites can become a major source of income.