Website development, website promotion. Writing articles, donor links. Contextual advertising for business card sites and landing pages. Bulletin boards and catalogs.

The process of creating sites can take less than one day, but in order to get profit from it you need much larger investments, and lower costs will lead to a longer waiting time for the effect. The easiest way, but more costly, is contextual advertising, where the impressions of your ads are auctioned depending on the bids, the higher the bid, the more likely it is that your ad will be shown in the most visible place on the first page. Some, when creating a business card site or landing page, use only this method.


But there are, perhaps, more economical ways, which together will give the result of the appearance of your site in leading positions. One of them is writing articles for your site with unique content, accompanied by unique pictures and videos. You can also use companions to use the exchange to post articles that offer special sites where you can rent a permanent place for your article. Donor promotion system with the selection of a donor for your site with a small description. Placing ads on 50-100 popular bulletin boards, posting permanent information in catalogs or mass mailing. Thus, you do not need an SEO specialist for such work, you yourself can do all the work without spending a lot of money. The price of specialist work in the complex will be higher.